SCUBA 2012 - Komodo Dancer: East of Flores / Alor

July 2012 - This was a trip I (Curt) did without the family. It actually cleared two items from my bucket list: liveaboard diving and diving in Indonesia. I was invited to go on the trip by Jim Turley - my mentor in informatics. The trip began with a VERY LONG flight from Houston to Moscow to Singapore and finally to Denpasar, Bali. We rested there for two days before catching a domestic flight to Maumere, where we boarded the Komodo Dancer and set sail for 10 days.

Memorable points about the trip:
   1. In Bali, there are no "rules" to driving - recommendations at best.
   2. My homemade underwater lights worked GREAT when they worked... suffice to say I recognized
      opportunities for future "design improvements." One light had to undergo major
      reconstruction after the first dive due to a short melting some wires & the other
      light worked great until I forgot to check the seal between uses - it flooded. :(
   3. I had VERY HIGH expectations about diving in Indonesia. They were exceeded. It was a dream come true.
   4. I saw more new stuff these 10 days than I have seen in all my SCUBA experiences combined.
      (And I MISSED as much as I saw!) -- Guess I gotta go back!
   5. 36 hours in airports and airplanes on the way home... YUCK!

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