Winter Vacation 2008

This is the video for our (annual) winter ski trip to Park City, UT. Celeste is 4 and Jackson is 1 in the video. It was Celeste's second year in ski school - first time to go up on a lift. We discovered the joys of alpine coasters, and the not so joys of putting a 1 year old on an innertube to spin in circles on a horse trainer. The trip was somewhat tempered by Curt having a pretty bad case of pneumonia and not being able to cough without writhing in pain - Trlica was annoyed and sent him to the doctor. (I think she loves me though.) Anyway, this is Trlica's video. We've always partnered on the videos, but I was busy doing other stuff so she just took charge. It's got some sass in it - hope you enjoy it!

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