Disney World 2010

June 2010 - This video was Tra's first solo build! Yeah Tra! We took our first trip to Disney in June 2010. The trip was a smashing success for one reason: Tra did her homework. We knew when and where to pick up our Fast Passes, we knew what days were going to be busy where, and we had our restaurants all lined up in advance. She even built naps into the itenerary. It was (to the tune of Mickey Mouse of course)
..."Re" "A" "Lly" "A" "W" "E" "S" "O" "M" "M" "E"...
(You like the "double M" there? Makes it rhyme and pays homage to Mickey Mouse all at the same time. That's AWESOMME! Anyway - it was a great trip.

Memorable points about the trip:
1. Celeste celebrated her 7th birthday.
2. The Haunted Mansion... we have enjoyed THAT experience on CD ever since....
3. The Polynesian - because it "smelled HORRIBLE!" according to Jackson. (Just Jackson.)
4. Spaceship Earth: air conditioned, had a TV on the ride, and NO LINE. The kids LOVED it.
5. The Land: hydroponics and tomato vines as big as oak trees - very cool.

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