The video links listed in the menu on the left are to the "production" videos we have spent time editing and putting to music. They are shown in reverse chronological order. They all took way too much of our time, but we had a great time doing them. For each video listed, there is another video or two that didn't "make it" from concept to finished product... RIP.

The "Baylor Med 1997" video is what got everything started... being the class "AV" guy, and being on the "slideshow" committee, I wanted to provide my classmates with a lasting memory, so together with the other committee members, we scanned in TONS of pictures and came up with soundtrack, video, animation, and audio support tracks to produce this video. This is our longest video - clocking in at 40 minutes. It was also our most complicated video... utilizing 10 superimposed tracks for the "Brady Bunch" theme at the end. It was also produced on the least hardware: Pentium pro, overclocked to 233 MHz (from the recommended 200 MHz), with an 18 GB hard drive. It also required a dedicated video capture card: the Miro DC30... an awesome card for the time, but of course it's functionality is standard on most motherboards these days.

The "DUkS" video was Trlica's idea. We had worked on the Baylor Med video so long that she got curious about the Adobe Premiere software we were using. She decided to videotape a bunch of DUkS that we lived across the street from (... and had provided with elaborate bios ...) and turn it into a music video. It was also partially ispired by our good friends Kathy and Erik, who were (are?) into nonlinear video editing and had shown us a cool cow video.

The Hawaii video is of our hike along the Napali coast line in Hawaii in May 2000. It has a nekkid dude at the end, so don't let the young 'uns watch. Also, this video was finicky... there are a couple of residual technical flaws in the mapping of some of the video layers. You'll see the problems if you watch for 'em. We've stopped crying about the appearance... you should too!

The camping video is our most recent addition, and covers the trip to central Texas in summer 2007. It was probably our fastest production, and ended up being unexpectedly pretty cool in certain spots - especially with videotaping of glow-bracelets at night using the "nightshot" IR illumination. After 10 years of doing this, maybe we're getting into our "groove."

Enjoy! -- Curt & Tra


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