Jackson Cosby Kennedy

Howdy folks - We're proud to introduce to you the latest member of the Kennedy family!

Jackson was born 4/4/06 at 1:36 PM. He was born by planned C-section since his sister Celeste required a C-section after 19 hours of induced labor. He was 40 3/7 weeks gestation, weighed 8 lbs 1 oz. (3657 grams) and was 19 1/2" (49 cm) long. And - for those of you who might care... Mom, dad & big sister are doing fine too!

We are very happy that he is being allowed to room in with us and is not stuck in a nursery like his big sister was.

Here is the first round of pictures: (click on a thumbnail image to display the "big picture")

   Curt, Tra in Labor & Delivery.

   Jackson's first solo shot on the warmer after birth.

   Celeste getting to hold her little brother for the first time!

   Trlica and her little boy in a quiet moment... very sweet time.

   Curt gets to show off his son to the family after leaving Labor & Delivery.

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