Makenna Celeste Kennedy

Well folks - she's finally here!

Celeste was born 6/7/03 at 11:13 AM after 19 hours of induced labor. She was born by elective C-Section due to unfavorable physics (too big, mostly). She was 41 1/7 weeks gestation, weighed 8 lbs 5.1 oz. (3773 grams) and 19" (48 cm) long. All is well with mom and baby (& dad too!).

There is one bummer: mom had fever to 101.9 prior to delivery and Celeste is having to live in the Level 2 nursery until her cultures are negative for 48 hours -- she can't room in with mom & dad. :(

Here is the first round of pictures: (click on a thumbnail image to display the "big picture")

   Curt, Tra & Loriann in Labor & Delivery.

   Celeste's first appearance.

   On the warmer - sweet little baby!

   Only chance mom gets to see her baby for over 24 hours. :(

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