Their Story

     From 1993 to 1997 we lived across the street from a family of DUkS. Over those four years we cultured a relationship with these DUkS and "learned" their story. We sought and obtained their permission, and will now pass on to you the details of their magnificent history and sociopolitical structure...You can also check out their video HERE!


     (Not pictured for DUkSecurity reasons.) At the top of the chain of command is Judge. He oversees the operations of various DUkCommunities throughout the US. He is responsible for obtaining resources and HUmanContacts for the DUkCause. The location of his base of operations is unknown but believed to be located in central Texas.      


     Raskl is the #1 DUkBoss of the Meyer Park DUkS. His role is to delegate the responsibilities of various DUkPrograms to the DUk most suited for the job. He is also responsible for the procurement of glasses to improve the eyesight of the DUkS so they can learn to read (and thus wage intellectual war games against "The Man,") and the maintenance of DUkNet - a covert section of the internet.


     Randl is #2 under Raskl. He is responsible for implementing Raskl's visions. His mission is to organize training sessions for the DUkS and boost morale when The Man has nothing to offer other than StaleBread. He also serves the function of "cleanup DUk" - concealing the trail of mayhem various DUkS leave behind during their escapades.


     PeggySue is the business end of all DUkMatters. She ensures DUkPolicy is known and "respek-ked" by all DUkS. Although PeggySue is not as flamboyant as Raskl, Randl, et. al., she is the true muscle behind the DUkOrganization. She is Raskl's sweetheart as well.


     Dukstein, as his name implies, is the idea man. He is responsible for turning Raskl's visions into realities through engineering and design. Although his intellectual capacity is greater than that of the other DUkS, his zeal for the DUkCause often hinders his ability to be truly effective. All the same, he has absolute trust and loyalty from the other members of the DUkCommunity.


     Rogue is the spearhead of the Meyer Park DUkS. He ensures all DUkProjects are carried out in a timely and logical manner. He also has the exclusive capacity to carry out DUkPunishment: the dreaded "Low Neck HeadButt." Many of "The Man's" members are frightened of Rogue due to his low threshold for lowering his neck and charging, but in reality it is an ungrounded fear, as all authorization for punishment must come from Sentinl.


     Sentinl serves the capacity of PoliceDUk. This name is somewhat misleading, as it truly implies two functions. First, in the classical sense, Sentinl is responsible for determining when a DUk or "The Man" is out of line and merits punishment. Second, in the metaphorical sense, he is responsible for procuring police vehicles for driver's education of DUkS so they can avoid PublikTransportation. The choice of vehicle is a controversial DUkPolicy, as it increases The Man's suspicion regarding DUkCapacity in general.


     Rusl holds a job in the TheMan's private sector in the consumable goods department. He is responsible for providing TasteGood and behavior altering liquid refreshments at various DUkMeetings. He QAkS! softly, but drives a big truck.

Kol (Cool)

     (Not pictured, as no "decent" picture of Kol exists.) Kol is the rambunctious DUk. He specializes in high risk activities of all types. Whenever there is a near impossible task to perform to promote the DUkCause, Kol is the primary candidate. While he is a productive member of the DUkSociety, his extracurricular activities and unconventional method of educating and socializing the BabyDUkS and Adolescents is a frequent source of heated DUkDebate.


     Projectl has no set function in the DUkSociety. He is the most recently named member of the DUkFamily. His name derives from a unique capability that he possesses, which he demonstrated from atop the chain-link seen here.


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